XIV. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление Participle I в разных функциях.

1. When constructing the railway, it is cheaper to use local materials. 2. People living near airports suffer from the noise of powerful jet airliners taking off and landing. 3. We spent an hour or two, talking to our friends. 4. Having seen the green light, we crossed the street. 5. Freight trains consisting of more than 80 cars are hauled by 2 locomotives. 6. Waiting for the train arrival, I looked through the magazines lying on the table. 7. Having received the telegram she immediately left for Glasgow. 8. At the stop we saw a lot of people waiting for the bus. 9. The leading role of the railway transport in Russia is explained by the specific territorial, climatic and geographical conditions. 10. Ships are equipped with radar sets helping them to orient at sea. 11. A new road connecting the plant with the railway station is being built now. 12. They stopped their experiments having obtained the necessary results. 13. The main disadvantages of steel sleepers are their high price and the noise caused by trains passing over them. 14. Having left our suitcases in the Left-Luggage Room we went to have a snack. 15. The workers were moving from car to car, carefully inspecting them. 16. The road joining the two villages is very narrow. 17. The bright flowers growing along the railroad track attracted the attention of all the passengers. 18. In 1840 the USA had 2,800 miles of railroad tracks consisting mainly of short lines. 19. The trains operating on the underground lines are provided with low voltage direct current. 20. While waiting for the ship to leave, I met an old friend of mine.


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