XV. Прочитайте и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление Participle II в разных функциях.

1.The TV set bought a few days ago has broken down. 2. When translated, the article will be typed. 3. The received information was very interesting. 4. Pieces of broken glass were seen everywhere. 5. The equipment produced by our plant is of high quality. 6. This powerful machine is operated by one person. 7. There are several types of rails used on our railways now, such as R 60, R 75. 8. When upgraded, the track will be used for high-speed traffic. 9. In Japan the communication between some islands is provided through underwater tubes laid on the sea bottom. 10. The first metals used by primitive men were gold, silver and copper. 11. We were informed of the test runs carried on the new line. 12. A lot of scientists invited to the conference refused to take part in it. 13. Before opened, the railway lines are carefully inspected and tested. 14. When thoroughly tested, ballastless track will probably find wide application not only in tunnels. 15. The sign of the London Underground is a red circle crossed with a blue stripe. 16. The first bus developed by Shillibear appeared in London in 1861. 17. The telephone lines broken in the last night’s storm are being repaired now. 18. The motor coaches are supplied with electric motors placed under the floor of the coach. 19. The wagons with insulated walls, roofs and floors are known as the refrigerator cars. 20. A new electronic instrument will calculate how far one can drive on the fuel left in the tank.


XVI. Задайте общие вопросы и специальные вопросы к подчёркнутым словам.

1. They traveled 2,000 miles on a bus. (How many?) 2. Most people go to work by subway in New York. (Who? Where?) 3. The car has just stopped because there isn’t any moregas in the tank. (Why?) 4. Arthur always drives at a high speed. (What?) 5. Discounts are valid for both one-way and return tickets. (What?) 6. The train will be leaving in a few minutes. (How many?) 7. All flights have been canceled because of the fog. (Why?) 8. They are going to travel around the world. (Who? Where?) 9. Stephen went into debt to buy that car. (Why?) 10. The cars may be parked here after 5 p.m. (When?) 11. Metro trains run at 8 minutes headways. (What?) 12. We have much luggage to carry. (Who?) 13. They got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport. (Where?) 14. John and Mary are in the next carriage. (Who? Where?) 15. Each one of your suitcases will be checked when you go through the customs. (When?) 16. This distance can be covered by train in an hour. (How fast?) 17. Damages due to the computer’s error were assessed at $1,000. (How many?) 18. Teenagers can get a driving license at the age of 14. (What age?) 19. Passengers should keep their tickets till the end of the trip. (How long?) 20. Fares are collected by a driver himself. (Whom?)

XVII. Переведите тексты на русский язык и ответьте на общие вопросы.

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