Current Policies under the responsibility

of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs:

1. Создание стабильности в Афганистане The work in Afghanistan is проводится in three main areas – военной, политической and development. The UK with other countries help the Afghan Government определить the country’s future, обеспечить peace and stability. The UK’s military activities are conducted under a UN Mandate as part of NATO’s Международных сил содействия безопасности (ISAF). ISAF provides training, advice and assistance to the Afghan Army and Police to protect the population and предотвратить the return of the international terrorists. The ISAF миссия должна завершиться by the end of 2014, by which time the majority of the UK’s combat forces will have left Afghanistan.
2. Борьба с распростране нием ядерного оружия Распространение оружия of mass destruction (WMD) представляет собой угрозу to the UK and the international community. The UK works with international partners and through organizations such as the UN, G8, NATO and the EU to reduce terrorists` ability to создать, обладать и использовать chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials and technologies. The UK is one of 189 states that have signed the Договор о нераспространении ядерного оружия (NPT). The treaty нацелен to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and уничтожить them.
3. Установление мира и стабильности на Ближнем Востоке и в Северной Африке The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is highly important to the UK. Together with international partners, the UK is предоставляет a range of assistance to the Libyan government, is helping the Syrian people economically and bringing насилие to an end, resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, providing Yemen with money and stabilizing this region.
4. Разрешение проблемы ядерной программы Ирана The UK remains deeply concerned about the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme. The latest IAEA report confirmed that Iran is continuing to наращивать и расширять its enrichment-related activities. The international community has наложило санкции on Iran because its nuclear program has continued to развиваться. Iran needs to take concrete action to address the international community’s ключевые моменты.
5. Поддержка Британских заморских территорий One of the UK’s military tasks is to обеспечить безопасность to the nation and its Overseas Territories. There are 14 British overseas territories; the total population is a quarter of a million. The UK is committed under the UN Charter “to promote to the utmost … the well-being of the inhabitants of these territories” most of which are зависимы on aid.
6. Статус Фолклендских островов The most people of the Falklands are British by birth. In 1982 Argentine forces illegally вторглись and оккупировали them until they were expelled by the UK task force. In 2013 the Falkland government провело референдум on whether or not to сохранить статус as a British Overseas Territory. The result was 99.8 percent in favor the status.
7. Обеспечение стабильности на Балканах The 1990s saw the violent break-up of the former Yugoslavia and the beginning of the переход from communism in the region. This region is on Europe’s doorstep and instability or conflict would отразится the UK, including through migration and организованную преступность. The UK is working to reduce the risk of conflict, обеспечить стабильность, and support reforms, as the region moves towards future EU and NATO membership.


Topical Vocabulary:


ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) Международные силы содействия безопасности
determine определять, решать
conduct (v), carry out activities проводить работу
provide training (advice, assistance) предоставлять помощь в обучении, (давать советы, оказывать поддержку)
key concerns ключевые моменты
due to complete должен (по договору) завершиться
impose sanctions; lift sanctions наложить санкции отменить
Overseas Territories Британские заморские территории(14 территорий, находящихся под суверенитетом Великобритании, но не являющиеся ее частью)
maintain status сохранять статус



Exercise 32.

Give the English equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:

проводить работу по трем направлениям; определять будущее страны; миссия должна завершиться; оказать помощь правительству; предоставлять базы для тренировок; ключевые моменты; Международные силы содействия безопасности; сохранять за собой статус.

Exercise 33.

Give the Russian equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:

to pose a challenge to; to provide with money; to impose (to lift) sanctions; Overseas Territories; the UK task force.


Exercise 34.

Match the synonyms (column A – column B). Make up 5 sentences using the words from column B:

1. carry out activities a) impose sanctions
2. arrange training, advice for smb b) key concerns
3. important worries c) conduct (v)
4. aid d) provide
5. force strict conditions e) assistance



Exercise 35.

Fill in the missing words. Choose from the box:


overseas (2), assistance (2), carried, security, development, due, conducted, maintain, mission, provides, concerns.


1. The work in the region is _____ out in three main areas – military, political and _____.

2. The UK’s military activities are ____ under a UN Mandate as part of the NATO’s International Security ____ Force.

3. The ISAF ____ training, advice and ____ to the Afghan Army.

4. The ISAF ____ is ____ to complete by the end of 2014.

5. Iran needs to take concrete action to address the international community’s key ____.

6. One of the UK’s military tasks is to provide ____ to its ____ Territories.

7. The Falkland government held a referendum on whether or not to ____ the status as a British ____ Territory.


Exercise 36.

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