Match the words and word-combinations (column B) with the suitable sentences

(column A):


1) Peace and securityremain clearly as … a) an ally.
2) The relationship with Ireland is generally friendly, but … b) through its foreign policies.
3) Ireland cannot be counted upon as … c) mutual economic and cultural interests and defense cooperation agreements.
4) India and Britain are joined by … d) bedrock interests.
5) Although the UK is not a Euro member, it still plays … e) non-military.
6) The UK has recently clashed with other Member States of the EU over … f) a leading role in the day to day workings of the EU.
7) The UK seeks to influence Africa … g) the US-led war with Iraq.



Exercise 15.

Make up sentences using the key words.

1. The US, the UK, military, close, are, allies.

2. NATO, the UK, Canada, militarily, together, tied, through, are.

3. Ireland, is, non-military, the, friendly, relationship, generally, with, but.

4. Security, the UK, a, of, permanent, the UN, is, member, Council.

5. British, now, peace, much, is, in extent, and, security, interests, remain, reduced, bedrock, but, trade.



Exercise 16.

Translate from Russian into English.

1. В 1945 году Великобритания вошла в число стран-учредителей ООН и получила статус постоянного члена в Совете Безопасности ООН.

2. Великобритания уверена, что потеряв статус империи, она все равно продолжает оставаться мировой державой.

3. В 1948 году Уинстон Черчилль предложил концепцию «трех великих кругов», центром которых считалась Британия: 1) Британское Содружество и империя,

2) отношения Великобритании с США и 3) отношения Великобритании с Европой.

4. В ходе Холодной войны (1946-1990) Великобритания считала основным противником СССР, а союзником – США.

5. Во второй половине 1940-х годов начался распад Британской империи. К концу 1970-х годов большинство британских колоний получило независимость.

6. Великобритания поддерживает деятельность НАТО, рассматривая Альянс в качестве надежной структуры, обеспечивающей безопасность Объединенного Королевства и Европы.

7. Важным приоритетом британской внешней политики остается содружество со странами Содружества Наций.

8. Все силы британской дипломатии брошены сейчас на то, чтобы добиться создания новой базы в двусторонних отношениях с Индией для обеспечения новых рынков сбыта (sales markets).

9. Британия является страной Евросоюза, но отказывается от присоединения к зоне действия европейской валюты.

10. Значительные изменения происходят в подходе Великобритании к политике в отношении стран с быстро развивающейся экономикой (Индией, Бразилией, ЮАР, Китаем, Чили).


Text 3.

Read the text and find the adjectives or phrases describing “special relations” in the text. What does the British Foreign Secretary want to emphasize using them?

How do they influence your attitude?


“Our relationship with America is at the heart of our view of Britain’s place in the world.

Our close cooperation in global security has always been at the core of our relationship and gives it force and unique character. On top of our cultural and commercial links we have a relationship in defense, nuclear issues and intelligence that is without parallel anywhere in the world. We have an extraordinary close working partnership in foreign policy.

Today it is impossible to imagine a mortal threat to each other’s security that we would not face together, or support each other in confronting.

The US-UK relationship is still special, still fundamental to both countries, and still a cornerstone of stability in the world.

We work side by side

• to start negotiations on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,

• on the Western Balkans, where long term stability has to be fully realized,

• in the area of counter-proliferation to stop nuclear weapons` trafficking, to uphold the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,

• to cooperate against terrorism

• to support human rights

• Over the last 20 years the US and Britain have fought 5 major military campaigns side by side in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan. The UK provided the second largest contingent of troops.

So Britain will remain a first rate military power and a robust ally of the US.

• But defense policy must be the instrument of a strong and clear-sighted foreign policy. In a networked world, we need to be able to address threats before they reach our shores, and to use diplomacy, development and our intelligence services to avoid the need for military action. Cyberspace has no borders and no nation can defend itself alone. The US has demonstrated truly impressive leadership on cyber security. We are working towards a joint UK-US approach to this challenge.

• In the years ahead our intelligence services will continue to work in the most dangerous parts of the world.

• Our Armed Forces will continue to be the backbone of our defenses and to train others around the world.

• Our diplomats will remain the very best it is possible to have.

So there is no single more important alliance than our unshakeable partnership with the United States of America”.

(The extract taken from the speech of former British Foreign Secretary William Hague)


Topical Vocabulary:


1. core be at the core of the relationship cornerstone суть быть ядром отношений краеугольный камень
2. defence, nuclear issues вопросы защиты, проблемы ядерного разоружения
3. intelligence; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) разведывательная служба, разведка ЦРУ
4. mortal threat смертельная угроза
5. confront; confrontation противостоять чему-либо; противостояние
6. realize stability стабилизировать обстановку
7. counter(v) proliferation, counter(v) terrorism syn.combat(v) противодействовать распространению ядерного оружия; бороться с терроризмом
8. nuclear weapons` trafficking trafficker незаконная торговля ядерным оружием торговец нелегальным товаром
9. uphold treaty соблюдать договор
10. support human rights отстаивать права человека
11. provide troops поставлять войска
12. robust ally сильный союзник
13. clear-sighted policy четкая, ясная политика
14. address, face threats, challenges отвечать на угрозы, вызовы
15. backbone of policy основа политики


Exercise 17.

Give the English equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:

разведывательная служба; смертельная угроза; противостоять угрозам; краеугольный камень (ядро) стабильности в мире; работать рука об руку; стабилизировать обстановку в регионе; придерживаться договора; сильная и четкая внешняя политика; противодействовать распространению ядерного оружия; торговля ядерным оружием.


Exercise 18.

Give the Russian equivalents to the following words and word-combinations:

to be at the core of the relationship; nuclear issues; to face challenges; a two-state solution to the conflict; to support human rights; robust ally; networked world; to address threats; approach to the challenge; backbone of the defence.


Exercise 19.

Comprehension check:

1) What is meant by “special relations”? What issues does “special relations” concern?

2) How can you prove that the UK is a robust military ally of the USA?

3) What challenge does the UK (and the whole world) face with the emergence of a networked world? How does Britain intend to answer the challenge?



Exercise 20.

Match the synonyms (column A – column B). Make up 5 sentences using the words from column B:

1. the most central part a) counter (v)
2. problem to be talked, argued about b) provide
3. rapid spreading of nuclear weapons c) trafficking
4. act against (terrorism) d) address (v)
5. supply with (troops) e) uphold
6. strong, effective (ally) f) approach
7. trade of illegal goods g) core (backbone, cornerstone)
8. face (challenges) h) proliferation
9. method of dealing with smth. i) robust
10. defend and fulfill (treaty) j) issue



Exercise 21.

Fill in the missing words. Choose from the box:

close, two-state, side by side, core, cornerstone, issues, intelligence, troops, realize, trafficking, stability, confronting, mortal, face, threats, terrorism, networked, provided.


1. The US-UK close cooperation in global security has always been at the ___ of their relationship.

2. The two countries have a relationship in defense, nuclear ____ and ____.

3. It is hard to imagine a ____ threat to each other’s security that we would not ____ together, or support each other in ____.

4. The US-UK relationship is still a ____ of stability in the world.

5. The US and the UK work ____ to start negotiations on a ____ solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

6. They work side by side on the Western Balkans to ____ long term ____.

7. They work side by side to counter ____, to stop nuclear weapons` ____.

8. The UK ____ the second largest contingent of ____.

9. Britain remains a first rate military power and a ____ ally of the US.

10. In a ____ world, we need to be able to address ____ before they reach our shores.


Exercise 22.

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