Exercise 2. Say that you have to do the following

Keep the temperature in the computer room not too high!

Use Delphi to write this program!

Find out the capacity of your CD-ROM!

Back up your hard disk every week!

Defragment your hard disk every month!

Send this e-mail immediately!

Scan these pages!

Use a graph plotter to produce a diagram!

Interpret this data!

Follow the instructions!

Delete this file!

Make an access request!

Exercise 3.Translate the sentences.

A Winchester disk we use in a PC may have a capacity of up to 300 gigabytes.

The operating programs computers use are not the same.

A background job computer performs deals with routine batch processing.

The changes you made may be undone.

The memory region you want to store information to may be specified.

The browse buttons you can see in every window make navigation easier.

The multiple monitors you can use with a single computer increase the size of your workspace.

The first thing you see when you start Windows is the desktop.

The only sound laser printers make is the sound of the cooling fans and the paper moving.

The number of instructions and amount of data computer can store in it is measured in bytes.

Exercise 4.Insert the proper modal verb.

A. Optical character recognition software … be used to scan financial documents.

B. Before data is stored on a disk, the disk … to be formatted.

C. Standard CD-R disks … be written to only once.

D. If the document … to be read at a later date then the same process will … to be performed.

E. All computer languages … be eventually reduced to binary codes.

F. Codes … always be the same length.

G. Typing … introduce many errors.

H. If the computer breaks down, you … not … to access the details.

I. Special software … reduce the size of files to about one quarter of their original size.

J. There … be no reflection on the screen.

K. Keyboards … be easy to use.

L. Fiber-optic cable … be the best choice.

Exercise 5.Find the sentences with the conjunction provided. Translate all the sentences. To provide – обеспечивать, снабжать предоставлять, Provided – если

1. When data is processed, information is provided.

2. You can keep millions of files in a very small space provided you use computerized storage.

3. A graphical user interface provided a way for the user to communicate with the computer through pictures.

4. Provided there are no mistakes in the program, the computer program is converted to machine code.

5. Provided you have a multimedia computer system and have a microphone, then you can play a live sound into the sound card of your computer.

6. You will see the video clips provided by multimedia software.

7. Utility programs are usually provided as a part of the operating system.

8. Codes are useful provided we know how to interpret them.

Exercise 6.Translate the sentences. Well – хорошо, ну As well as – а также

The same server may also provide access to files for downloading to the user’s system, and to electronic mail services, as well as other functions.

But where to start? Well, a good place to start is at one of the Internet’s search sites.

These controls must have been rather well designed because they are very prevalent in Windows programs today.

The site also includes reviews and ratings as well as lists of the most frequently downloaded programs.

You can download many free products, including the Internet Explorer Web browser, as well as updates and extras for other popular programs.

If all went well, you have a working program again.

Windows programming was very well suited to object-oriented programming.

As well as providing a connection to the Internet, ISPs provide a lot of content of their own.

Exercise 7.Translate the sentences with Emphatic construction. It is …that –именно

Model: It isprocessed data thatis called information. – Именно обработанные данные называются информацией.

It is the fan that is responsible for the hum that you get from a computer.

It is the small size that is the advantage of a palmtop computer.

It is a joystick that is mainly used for games.

It is a microphone that is the input device for such systems.

It is the sensor that records the frequency of the traffic.

It is English that high-level language instructions are similar to.

It is multimedia that is ideal for learning new things.

It is a special sound card that enables a computer to produce high quality sound.

It is defragmenting that improves the performance of a hard disk.

It is in terms if resolutions that video card capabilities are measured.

11) It was the World Wide Web that made the Internet widely popular around the world.

12) It is through the Object Inspector that you modify a component’s properties and events.

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