Exercise 1.Translate the sentences with Subjunctive Mood.

1.I should like to be a top specialist in the computer technology. 2. It is necessary that the program should be debugged (отлажена) by a programmer. 3. It is required that the programmer should code the instructions of the program in the appropriate sequence. 4. The manager demanded that the work should be performed in time. 5. Write down the algorithm of computer operations lest you should make errors. 6. This student speaks English as if he were a real Englishman. 7. American scientists suggested that the quantum generator should be called laser, which is the acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. 8.I wished you had mentioned these facts while the subject was being discussed.

Exercise 2.Translate the following sentences paying attention to the different types of the conditional clauses.

1.If you make a back-up copy you 2. If I had the time I should help you to solve the problem. But I must be off. 3. Had he not been busy, he wouldn't have missed that conference. 4. Were you asked to explain why addition is performed the way it is, you would probably have to think for a while before answering.5. If you want to master any language you must know at least three thousand words. 6. The binary system is particularly appropriate to the nature of an electric machine; if it had not existed, computer designers would have had to invent it.7. Time will be saved if one uses a computer. 8. If you or I add up two numbers of six figures without a calculator, it will take us a lot of time. 9. Why didn't you phone me yesterday? I would have helped you. 10. If computers were not worked out people wouldn't be able to predict the consequences of various decisions in economy. 11. Don’t play with these programs unless you know what you’re doing. 12. I always thought that the second mouse button was there in case the left one broke. 13. You can’t listen to the music through the speakers unless your computer has a second card. 14. You have to serve a CD to your computer on a tray, just as if you were placing an audio CD in your CD player. 15. You can’t save a file to a CD-ROM disc unless you have a special read/write CD-ROM drive. 16. This is the operating system on a CD, just in case you have to reinstall it. 17. A disk drive cannot red disk unless the disk is inserted properly. 18. My recommendation is to treat a floppy disk as if it were your favorite CD. 19. Backup copies of files are kept in case the original is damaged or lost. 20. The bar is typically at the bottom of the screen (unless you moved it).

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