VOCABULARY EXERCISES. Exercise 1.Find English equivalents:

Exercise 1.Find English equivalents:

Привод, записывать данные, жесткий диск, вмещать, устройство для резервной копии, двухслойный, плотность записи данных, двусторонний, пишущий привод.

Exercise 2.Read the following statements and name the kind of discs. You should choose only from: CD-RW, CD-R, DVD.

· These discs are 'write once' - once they have been written to, the data cannot be erased or changed.

· This disc has two layers for data storing.

· These discs can be rewritten or erased multiple times.

· Multisessions can be created and more data can be added to use this disc more than one time.

· This disc can hold about 4.7 gigabytes.

· This kind of discs is more expensive than two other ones.

Exercise 3.Read the following small text and answer the question: How can we find out the speed our data will be written on the disc?

CD-RW drives will typically have three speed ratings - one for reading discs, one for writing CD-R discs and another for writing CD-RW discs. Speed ratings vary from 1x to 52x, where 1x means that a CD is written/read in 'real time'. For example, a 52 minute audio CD would take about 52 minutes to create at 1x speed, and about 1 minute at 52x speed.

CD-drives have different speeds for any special purpose whether reading or writing discs. The specifications of any drives include the information about these speeds. Just the same situation we have with the discs of any kind. The speed on which it can be read or written is indicated on the surface of the discs.

The data can be written to the disc in a variety of formats to create an audio CD, a data CD, a video CD or a photo CD. The audio CDs should play on most standard audio CD equipment and the video and photo CDs will play on many consumer DVD players.



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