GRAMMAR EXERCISES. Exercise 1.Convert the following sentences into Passive Voice and translate.

Exercise 1.Convert the following sentences into Passive Voice and translate.

1. The motherboard includes RAM, BIOS, expansion slots and some other components. 2. The computer uses two speakers for sound output. 3. This new CPU will control and manage the computer operation more successfully than the previous one. 4. He stored information on the disc. 5. Uninterruptible power supply gives the energy for our computers nonstop. 6. Flash drives are replacing the floppies now. 7. The wireless mouse became more and more popular. 8. By next Friday he will have bought a new PDA. 9. Portable computers are becoming much cheaper nowadays. 10. You should take care of your keyboard.

Exercise 2.Replace the underlined words with is/are referred to (называется)

1.A set of instructions that a computer can understand is called a program. 2. Assembly language and machine code are collectively called low-level languages. 3. A language directly understood by the machine is known as machine language. 4. Devices which measure temperature, pressure, etc. are called sensors. 5. A machine capable of sending and receiving text and pictures along telephone lines is known as a fax. 6. A group of computers that can communicate with each other is known as a network. 7. A person who uses a computer is called a user. 8. A program that has been created to damage your computer system is known as a virus. 9. The smallest unit of information in a computer system is called a bit. 10. An individual dot on a computer screen is called a pixel. 11. An exchange of signals, which establishes communication between the devices, is called a handshake.

Exercise 3.Translate the following word combinations paying attention to the Participle I and Participle II.

Executed program – executing program; stored data – the information storing on the disc; a written instruction; the cleaned surface of LCD; material for cleaning monitors; the software protecting from viruses; the computer provided with the most efficient power supply.

Exercise 4.Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Participle I and Participle II.

При подсоединении дополнительного оборудования к компьютеру нужно провести инсталляцию необходимого ПО.

Пользуясь флэшкой, ты можешь переносить большое количество информации, фотографий и музыкальных треков.

Он сейчас сканирует документ, поэтому не сможет вас проконсультировать.

Данные, сохраненные на этом диске, могут быть повреждены или потеряны, так как на нем есть несколько царапин.

Следует быть аккуратным при работе с клавиатурой, пролитый кофе или мелкий мусор приводит к поломкам.

Важно составить определенную последовательность выполнения инструкций, управляемых работой той или иной программой.

Если бы у вас была установлена антивирусная программа, то не пришлось бы удалять поврежденные вирусом файлы.

Известно, в комплект настольного персонального компьютера входит монитор, системный блок, клавиатура, мышка.

Каждый программист знает, что языки программирования делятся на языки высокого и низкого уровней.

10.Данные, которые должны быть изменены, включают таблицы, рисунки и две картинки.

Exercise 5.Translate the following sentences paying attention to the different types of conditionals.

1. It would be much easier to clean the mouse with a damp cloth. 2, If this computer had efficient anti-virus software, the data wouldn’t have been damaged by Trojan. 3. He would choose an ergonomical keyboard if he were there. 4. No computer is a trouble-free device, you should address the specialist if any occurs. 5. If your mouse cursor seems to jump or jerk across the screen, or actually stops as though its hit a wall and doesn't seem to want to move properly, it's probably dirty. 6. If you want to insert more boards than there are slots, you will need an expansion chassis, which provides additional slots. 7. Your computer would loose its data at power-down unless you started to use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). 8. They will plug in one additional printer if they need not only black-and-white printing. 9. It would be interesting to write program especially for schoolchildren. 10. If installed this operating system keeps up over 10MB of RAM.

Exercise 6.Put the proper modal verb.

The programmer ___ (должен) program this instruction first in machine language.

Last time he ____ (не смог) back up his files.

The flash drives ______ (сможет) replace the floppies and other removable storage media.

We _____ (разрешили) use these printer a week ago.

It (следует) be mentioned that computers are not trouble-free devices.


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