GRAMMAR EXERCISES. Exercise 1.In the given two texts try to find and translate the sentences with the constructions with infinitive.

Exercise 1.In the given two texts try to find and translate the sentences with the constructions with infinitive.

Exercise 2. Translate these sentences, find Participle I and Participle II.

1. When keyed the data are held in a small memory called buffer. 2.These devices enable inputting numerical and text data. 3. These data appeared to have been investigated long ago. 4. Low-cost modulator-demodulator devices, called modems, allowing microcomputer systems to communicate over telephone lines have become increasingly popular. 5. The start-up process is called bootstrapping.

Exercise 3.Translate the sentences. Remember the following conjunctions and connective words that joint the subordinate clause to the principal clause:

that; so that; if, whether; which; when; while; since; till; until; whatever; whenever; in order to; regardless of

1. It is well known in computer science that the words "computer" and "processor" are used interchangeably. 2. The operation part of the instruction is decoded so that the proper arithmetic and logic operation can be performed. 3. It is difficult to establish whether this problem can be solved at all. 4. Programs and data on which the control unit and the arithmetic-logical unit operate must be in internal memory in order to be processed. 5. The CU has a register that temporarily holds the instructions read from memory while it is being executed. 6. Regardless of the nature of the I/O devices, I/O interfaces are required to convert the input data to the internal codes used by the computer and to convert internal codes to a format which usable by the output devices. 7. The purpose of registers in the ALU is to hold the numbers and the results of the calculation until they can be transferred to the memory. 8. Since the computer deals with pulses, the input device is a way of converting numbers written on paper into pulses and sending them to the storage. 9. The principal characteristics of personal computers are that they are single-user system and are based on microprocessors. 10. However, although personal computers are designed as single-user systems, it is common to link them together to form a network. 11. High-speed devices are both input and output devices that are used as secondary storage.

Exercise 6.Translate the following sentences without any conjunction or connective words.

1. The computer you told me about was constructed at a Russian plant. 2 We hope we'll buy the computer your friend spoke so much about 3. This is the principle the electronic computer is based upon. 4. The teacher says we may ask any questions we like. 5. Elements integrated circuits are made of are electrically interconnected components. 6. The main tendencies of IС development scientists are working at are to increase the scale of integration and to improve reliability. 7. Where are the computer games I gave you yesterday? - The computer games you are asking about are on the top shelf. 8. He was one of the greatest scientists the world had ever known. 9. Save any files you have opened on a disk. 10. The time it takes to download the file depends on the file’s size. 11. The screen contains the item you need to start working: a Start button. 12. Any desktop settings the user enters will be stored under that person’s name. 13. The dialog box this icon calls up contains several settings for optimizing your computer. 14. Capacity refers to the amount of information the disk can hold. 15. One of the first things most people do with a modem is to connect to one of the big online services. 16. All the computer needs is a Java-enabled Web browser to interpret the programming code. 17. Windows has significantly improved the way programs run. 18. Be careful about giving out online anything someone could use to track you down or use your account. 19. Exercise V. Translate the sentences into English.

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