Otorhinolaryngology Nursing / Head and Neck Nursing

Otorhinolaryngology nurses are also known as head-and-neck nurses, and care for patients with chronic illness, disease, or medial disorders related to the head, neck, ear, nose, or throat. This can encompass a variety of issues, such as thyroid problems, tonsillitis, ruptured eardrums, allergies, sinus disorders, cancer, cleft palate or injuries. Otorhinolaryngology nurses or head and neck nurses see patients of all ages, as is typical of nurses who focus on specific body systems. Some of the typical duties for otorhinolaryngology nurses include patient assessment, taking medical histories, and physical examinations of the ears, nose, throat, cranial nerves and neck. Duties also include assisting with treatments like chemotherapy, counseling, medication administration, and providing education and support to the patients and their families. As an otorhinolaryngology nurse or head and neck nurse, you could work in surgical centers, office practices, hospital operating rooms, clinics, or residential facilities. Generally, nurses who specialize in specific areas of the body, such as head and neck work in hospitals or specialty clinics.

First things first, an otorhinolaryngology nurse is a registered nurse who specializes and provides care and support to patients who are undergoing medical or surgical procedures which concern the ears, the nose and the throat. These nurses are also known as head and neck nurses, and this is probably the more common name for a nurse in otorhinolaryngology.

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