What symptoms do adenoids cause?

Large adenoids cause nasal obstruction. The child breathes through their mouth and snores at night. In some cases large adenoids are associated with the development of fluid in the middle ear ('glue ear').

Sometimes, large tonsils and adenoids are associated with a condition called sleep apnoea syndrome in which the child stops breathing temporarily during sleep.

What other conditions cause nasal blockage in children?

Swelling of the nasal lining (allergic rhinitis). This condition is associated with asthma and eczema in some children.

Deviated nasal septum. This is sometimes present at birth and in other cases is due to a blow to the nose.

A foreign body in the nose, such as a bead, or a toy brick that the child has pushed up their nostril.

Do large adenoids require treatment?

In most cases large adenoids can be left alone as they will become smaller as the child gets older. When they are associated with 'glue ear' or sleep apnoea removal is recommended.

How are adenoids removed?

Removal of the adenoids is carried out via the mouth. It is a simple procedure which only takes a few minutes to perform.lt is sometimes performed at the same time as the tonsils are removed and this is known as an adenotonsillectomy.

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