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Aides, air-conditioned, bright lighting, caution signs, concourses, drive systems, journey, minibanks, one-piece construction, planetary gear, non-street rapid transit, resistance to, robust surface, safety standards, screen doors, standstill, transport capacity, wording

1. Lindevang Station in Denmark on the Copenhagen Metro is an elevated (внеуличный скоростной общественный транспорт) station. A distinctive architectural design of the station is due its roof made out of plastic composite planks. They make a (цельная конструкция) that is hanging on wires and secured to pylons at each end. The length of the roof is 60 m and its width is 7.5 m.

2. The structures of the Copenhagen Metro were constructed in climatic conditions of Northern Europe. Such structures need building materials with great (устойчивость к) water, salt and frost. Plastic composites have good potential and allow building structures with low weight, high strength, rigidity and long service life. The advantages of these state-of-the-art building materials include (твёрдая поверхность) that requires only cosmetic maintenance.

3. The Madeleine station of the Paris Metro is very clean and brightly lit by metro standards. The (яркое освещение) makes the station look like a ground structure with daylight shining through the windows though it is actually ten stories underground. The (кондиционированный воздух) space and real plants provide the illusion of nearby outside world. Plenty of light, air and automatically watering keep the plants healthy. In the late evening, it is rather surprising to discover the darkness at street level after the “daylight” of the station interior.

4. The operators want to make the Madeleine station fully accessible for the disabled. The (помощь) to the deaf includes lights located over the doors to mean that they are about to close. The blind do not falli onto the tracks due to automatic (дверь-ширма) on the edge of each platform. The platform height allows easy step-free access to the trains for blind and elderly passengers. Audible announcements of each station are also useful for the blinds and strangers.

5. Line 6 of the Paris Metro runs above ground over a large part of its route. The elevatedstation(Sèvres-Lecourbe) on this line is about four stories above street level. Access to and from the platforms is provided by escalators and stairways within the station. They are equipped with (приводная установка) that provide a smooth and comfortable ride as well as a lack of vibration and noise.

6. Escalators may have three step widths: 600, 800 and 1000 mm. Metro stations use escalators with 800 mm and 1000 mm step width. Escalators with 800 mm step width can carry one adult passenger with a small child or with shopping bags on each step, and escalators with 1000 mm step width maximize (пропускная способность) because they allow two adult persons to stand abreast on each step.

7. To ensure the safety of passengers escalators are constructed and installed in full compliance with (правила техники безопасности) that are internationally recognized. The entry and exit zone for single and adjacent escalators must be clear of all obstacles. Passengers can safely step on and from the escalator because service engineers guarantee that the rated speed shall not exceed 0.5 m/s in the direction of travel.

8. The energy saving (планетарная передача) is chainless, and drive chains do not require grease. They require an oil change twice as long as compared to conventional drive systems reducing oil disposal costs and (простой). They provide extended service intervals, a much longer operating life with reduced energy consumption and increased reliability.

9. At the top and bottom of escalator landings passengers may see easily visible (знак предостережения). The signs should be standard, durable and identical in pictorials, size, color and (надпись) for all escalators and contain such wording as: “Caution”, “Passengers Only”, “Attend Children”, “Hold Handrail”, “Avoid Sides”, “No smoking”.

10. The Dubai Metro provides its service by the Red and Green Lines that run underground in the centre of the city and use mostly elevated viaducts at other sections. The lines make a driverless and fully automated rapid transit system. There is one ground station at the Red Line. All underground stations are air conditioned with platform edge doors that screen platforms from trains.

11. Metro stations often have a characteristic artistic design for identifying each stop. Though many people argue that these luxuries are rather expensive and raise prices paid for a (поездка), sculptures or frescoes decorate some metro stations. For instance, in the Los Angeles metro each station of the Red Line boasts different artwork including murals, sculptural benches and tile artwork. In Spain, the Valencia Metro has wall reliefs, sculpture and other artistic elements. A famous Spanish architect, sculptor and structural engineer Santiago Calatrava made the outstanding architectural design of Alameda station. In London’s Tube the tiles depicting Sherlock Holmes decorate Baker Street station.

12. For travelers' convenience metro stations have multiple, clearly identified exits and (вестибюль) where passengers find kiosks selling books, magazines and daily necessities. Passengers also can use (банкомат) and purchase tickets from vending machines that are at their disposal in stations' concourses. At some metro stations, there are Customer Service Centers where passengers can buy cards and value to their cards or replace malfunctioning cards and tickets.


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