Complete and translate the following sentences using the list of word combinations below

1. The term (“слабый грунт”) means soil that requires immediate support upon excavation.

2. The term (буровой метод сооружения тоннелей) comprises such excavation methods as (механизированная проходка).

3. Tunnelling is a process, always carried out in an (неопределённые геологические условия) and requires special knowledge and technological resources.

4. TBMs are able to construct long tunnels in less (прочный грунт) with high water pressure or even in sub-aqueous environment.

5. The TBM consists of an extending frame, (роторный рабочий орган), a non-rotating stabilizing device, a (система продвижения щита) and a conveyor that extends along the length of the TBM.

6. Mounted at the very front of the TBM a rotating head (вращающаяся головная часть щита) carries a series of (дисковые шарошки) to spall the surface of the tunnel face during a tunnel boring operation.

7. Concrete segments are secured in place behind the TBM as soon as possible to assure that any (обломки горных пород) from the instable tunnel roof is prevented from (обвал горной породы) and falling into the tunnel.

8. Herrenknecht mixshield can be considered a slurry machine or (щит с компенсацией давления горных пород) to cope with all ground conditions.

9. The (известковый грунт) under the English Channel was bored by the TBMs produced by Japanese companies Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, by the US engineering company Robbins, and by British-built machines.

10. Bored tunnelling techniques include tunnels constructed by TBM and tunnels constructed by hand tools and machines, that use an observational approach with temporary support of the (выработка) called NATM tunnels.


Word combinations:“Bored tunnel construction methods”, bored tunnelling techniques, chalky earth, competent ground, debris, disk cutters, EPB machine, excavation, mechanized driving, propulsion means, rotating head, “soft ground”, toppling, uncertain ground conditions.

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