Find the answers to these questions in the text

1. What are the responsibilities of the State Acceptance Committee?

2. Why is it necessary to examine every structural component?

3. When can the railway subdivision open a new bridge for traffic?

4. What are the challenges for bridge maintenance?

5. What kinds of inspections may a bridge undergo throughout its lifetime?

6. Who performs the engineering supervision and inspection of long bridges?

7. What are the functions of a maintenance crew?

8. How many assessment categories are established in bridge conditions?

9. What techniques for testing bridge structural integrity and safety are currently used?

10. Why is constant bridge maintenance at the Trans-Siberian Railway required?


16.9 Role-play. “On-site review and visual inspection of the bridge components”

For this activity, you need to act in pairs. Assess the stage of the bridge’s condition and suggest your plan and ideas for current running service or general overhaul. Student A is the head of the maintenance crew. Student B is a supervisor. The rest of the students are the members of the crew.

Decide what you are going to say so that your behavior looks like a real-life performance. Make a list of problems you have to solve. Number them in order of importance. Do not forget about correct grammar and relevant vocabulary.


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