Answer the questions to the text of the article.

a) What is common in two accidents?

b) What is different in two accidents?

3. Find in the text of the article words to the following definitions and synonyms:

a) death caused by accident f _______________

or in war

b) investigation i _______________

c) wide road specially built

for fast moving traffic m _______________

d) put into action l _______________

e) accident involving a vehicle

in a collision or some other c _______________


f) energy that can be used to

do work p _______________

g) go higher in the sky c _______________

h) not functioning as is expected

or required f _______________

i) (of an a/c) get out of control

and start to drop because s _______________

of loss of speed

j) physical harm to a living being i _______________

k) body of an aircraft h _______________

l) recommend a _______________

m) wind blowing from behind

travelling aircraft t _______________

Put in the missing prepositions in the following sentences. Each preposition can be used more than once.

with at on of to in

1) The aircraft collided ___________ road vehicle.

2) _______ midday _______ 21 May a Robin DR 400 light aircraft suffered loss _______ power.

3) The pilot was practising circuits using runway 20 _______ Rochester airfield, Kent.

4) Injuries _______ drivers _______ the road were not serious.

5) The other accident, _______ Southampton Airport, involved a Cessna Citation 550 _______ two pilots.

6) It landed _______ 06.30 local time ______ 26 May _______ runway 20, _______ heavy rain.

7) He had a 15 kt tailwind _______ landing.

8) There were thunderstorms _______ the area.

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