Answer the questions to the text of the article. a) What happened to an Argentine jumbo jet when it was taking off from Heathrow?

a) What happened to an Argentine jumbo jet when it was taking off from Heathrow?

b) What combined speed were they travelling at?

c) Where did they come within a mile of each other?

d) What was the height?

e) What is the reason for an air miss according to a senior BA source?

f) Who will investigate the incident?

g) What happened in April 1987 above Woodley?

h) What is the reason for these two incidents according to one aviation expert?

Word building. The word in capital at the end of each of the following sentences can be used to form a word that fits suitably in the blank space. Fill in each blank this way.

Example: A British Airways Concorde NARROWLY NARROW

missed colliding with an Argentine jumbo jet.

1) The accident happened ______________ SHORT

after 10 p.m. on Friday.

2) One of the planes _______________ PROBABLE

deviated from its course.

3) The weather that day was ______________. STORM

4) The Joint Air Miss Working Group

will examine _______________ from STATE

pilots and air traffic controllers.

5) The town lies underneath the _______________ INTERSECT

of flights between Gatwick and Heathrow.

6) Aircraft departing _______________ GENERAL

stay at 6,000 ft or less.

7) The two planes were travelling

at a _______________ speed of COMBINE

about 500 mph.

8) The two planes would have been

only seconds from _______________ HIT

each other.

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