Control questions and exercises


1. Give definitions for intensity and potential of an electrostatic field. In what units are they determined?

2. What is the relationship between intensity and potential of an electrostatic field?

3. Why is a surface of any conductor equipotential?

4. What are lines of force? What are their properties?

5. Prove that lines of force are perpendicular to equipotential surfaces.

6. Formulate the Ostrogradski-Gauss theorem.

7. Demonstrate that potential of a point charge satisfies the equation (11.5).

8. Derive the approximate relationship (11.7) from the exact one (11.3).

9. Prove that an error in position of equipotential curves can be estimated by using the formula (11.8).


This instruction is worked out by V. Kurbatsky, reader of the physics chair. Reviewer: S. Loskutov, professor of the physics chair.



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