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The Technical University was founded as the Omsk Machine-Building Institute in the years of the Great Patriotic War (1942). Originally it was the Voroshilovogradskyi evening Machine Building Institute evacuated to Omsk in the first months of the war. At the time of its foundation the institute had only one Faculty: the mechanical-engineering. The first 25 engineers graduated from this faculty in 1947. The first rector of the institute was Leonid Veniaminovich Zak.

During World War II instructors and students took part in military actions.

In 1993 the Institute became Omsk State Technical University with 12 Faculties, 12 000 students, 740 professors and instructors. The rector of the university is Victor Vladimirivich Shalai.

Omsk State Technical University has become one of the leading educational institutions in the Western Siberian Region. It is alma mater for thousands of professionals who work at industrial enterprises of Siberian region now. The University has 3 institutes (Machine Building Institute, Petrochemical Institute, Energy Institute), 7 faculties (Humanities Faculty, Information Technologies and Computer Systems Faculty, Radio Engineering Faculty, Transport Oil and Gas Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty, Extramural and Distance Learning Faculty, Faculty for Pre-University Training), 600 instructors, 14 000 students, 8 buildings, Sport centers,
8 Dormitories, Publishing House, Medical Center, Sport Camp.

The University has a Military Faculty that trains students in 5 military specialties with giving reserved lieutenancy. The training at the military department is carried out both on budgeted and contractual basis. The term of studies is 2,5 years starting from the second year of training at the university.

Besides the University has the faculty “the Interpreter in the Field of Professional Communication” attached to the chair of the Foreign languages. Students have an opportunity to get two higher educations simultaneously. Besides, the students who speak poor English can attend the courses for beginners.

There are over 50 Doctors of Science and 360 Doctors of Philosophy working at the University.

Special attention is also paid to the system approach to improving the training-&-educational process and radical improving the content of education. On the basis of the comparative analysis of curricula worked out by the leading higher educational institutions the new curricula have been elaborated. Using these curricula the university has been training students giving them the following three degrees –
a bachelor (term of training is 4 years), a specialist (5 years) and a master (6 years).

The university is persistent in introducing the computer and telecommunication technologies in the educational process. The university steadily develops distance training. The inseparable part of the system for continuous engineering training at the university is a structure of the after-university training. Post-Graduate Study is available for persons who got Higher Education. Both Full-time (3 years) and extramural(4 years)courses are possible.

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