Let's talk about studying at school

It goes without saying that it's better for a person to start education when he or she is a child. According to our Constitution everybody has a right to a schoolplace for a child from the age of 6 or 7. These places are provided free of charge. In our country we have compulsory primary and secondary school education. Children study at school for 9 years then they may either continue their education at school or go to colleges and vocational schools. There is a wide choice of schools, colleges, vocation schools and universities to suit all tastes, income and inclinations.

So pupils spend at school the most important years in their lives. Their character and perception of the world are formed there. In this period they grow up, get stronger, find friends, develop their talents and skills and begin to understand life. Therefore school remains in our hearts during all our life.

It's common knowledge that the success of school education depends mainly on the teachers, their professional skills, the kind of relationship they can establish with pupils. I am proud to say that my teachers are highly educated people. And what is no less important our teachers have always been ready to help us arrange any celebration, competition, meeting with interesting people of our town.

I especially like our history teacher who involved us into interesting discussions at the lessons. She told us a lot about famous people and the life of people in different times. She taught us to think critically about information we get and helped us to understand our society and its history.

Our English teacher is a very creative person. It was very interesting and useful to take part in different language games. She told us a lot of interesting facts about English-speaking countries, their culture and traditions. We took part in international language projects and she also helped us find pen-pals in foreign countries.

In my opinion the conditions pupils study in influence a lot the quality of education they get. In our school there is everything necessary for both study and leisure. The 3-storeyed school building itself is of a typical design. But its corridors and classrooms are very beautiful. The corridors are decorated with ceramics made by our pupils and teachers. We have a modern library where we can read books, enjoy pictures and virtual galleries, surf the internet.

Our classrooms are very comfortable. They are light and clean, they all have original decorations. All rooms are well equipped. For instance, there are 2 computer classrooms, most of classrooms have PCs .There are also two spacious gyms and a training hall. The only thing I don't like about my school is that some pupils don't keep our corridors and classrooms clean. I feel ashamed when I see such things.

I'd like to say once again that school means a lot to me. First and foremost it provides a high level of education. I spent a lot of time at school as I attended optional lessons in maths, English, Belarusian, Russian and physics. I was fond of taking part in extra-class activities. I can proudly say my heart is full of gratitude to the teachers for the knowledge they gave me and to many of my friends for making my school life enjoyable.

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