Let's talk about friendship and relationship with friends

As we know, it's not an easy thing to find a real friend. In my view, a real friend is a person whom you trust and respect, who is "a friend in need" and who never lets you down.

There are no written rules of how to make friends. Usually friendship between people grows when they have common views and judgements on things and events, common interests and ambitions. A real friend should treat me with understanding, sympathy and compassion, exactly the way they want to be treated by me.

In my view, friendship is a unique thing that happens between two people. And it's a great gift. A lot of people say they have got best friends, but I wonder how many people actually have a best friend in the real sense of the word.

As for me, I'm a happy person as I have a true and reliable friend. Her name is Leila. She is a lively girl, good at sports, especially at volleyball and swimming. She has different interests, one of them is the cinema. There is no film she hasn't seen. She knows everything about famous actors and directors, about the plot of a film and when and where it was made. Leila has a good character, sometimes I even think that it's impossible to be such a pleasant person with everybody but then I realize this is some sort of tactics. Leila follows the rule: treat other people as you want them to treat you. I try to borrow this quality from her. Leila is a very responsible person. If she promises anything, no doubt she will do it. Leila knows how to organize her time, in my opinion, she has time for everything. She would plan her activities for a week, that's why she has time to go to the swimming pool, cinema and so on.

According to a survey, young people today have large groups of friends. Having a close group of people to depend on seems more attractive and more secure than one exclusive relationship with one other person. I can't agree with people who think like that.

I can discuss anything with my best friend. When I walk into a room, she knows exactly what mood I'm in, what I need. If I ask for help or advice, she will give me her helping hand immediately and never leave me at a loss.

To my mind, this is what real friendship means. I wouldn't change our friendship, our exclusive relationship for having two or three new friends. So, be slow at choosing a friend, but slower in changing him".

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