Let's talk about school traditions

Pupils spend at school the most important years in their lives. Their character and perception of the world are formed there. In this period they grow up, get stronger, find friends, develop their talents and skills and begin to understand life. Therefore school remains in our hearts all our life.

I have studied at gymnasium №1. Last year we celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of our school. From my point of view, it's one of the best schools in our town.

At our school there is everything necessary for our study and leisure. The 3-storeyed school building itself is of a typical design. But its corridors and classrooms are very beautiful. There are a lot of indoor plants and flowers in it. Its corridors are decorated with ceramics made by our pupils and teachers. There are cosy benches where one can sit and talk to friends.

We have a modern library where we can read books, enjoy pictures and virtual galleries, surf the internet. There is a tradition to organize exhibitions and meetings there. I have been able to see pictures of famous artists from our town, listen to poets, writers, artists and journalists in our library. To my mind it's a good tradition when both pupils and teachers come to the library to meet a famous person, have a look at the beauty of fine arts or just discuss an interesting book which is being read for our 'Big Reading' project.

The school hall is decorated with photos of our teachers and people who studied in our gymnasium. It shows another tradition we have. Twice a year our pupils and teachers arrange Project Days which give everybody a unique possibility to learn some skills. The participants do some research and prepare all necessary things beforehand and on the Project Day they make exhibitions, decorate the walls with pictures and handmade things, decorate old furniture, learn dances and songs and do a lot more. In my opinion, this tradition helps us to be united and learn new things which are important to us.

I have always been fond of taking part in extra-class activities such as concerts, debate clubs, intellectual games, sports competitions, picnics and excursions. These activities are popular with pupils, teachers and parents as they help to create a kind of team spirit.

Our school keeps up kind relations with secondary schools in Germany, France and Sweden. So we took part in different school projects and told foreign pupils about our culture and school traditions as well.

I'd like to say once again that school means a lot to me in many ways. My teachers are highly educated people. And what is no less important, their attitude to the pupils is always friendly and tolerant. My heart is full of gratitude to the teachers for the knowledge they give me and to many of my friends for making my school life enjoyable.

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