Let's talk about choosing a career

It goes without saying that choosing one's career is not a simple thing and it demands careful consideration. You should realistically consider your abilities and how to make use of them. You should ask yourself how much you know about the reality of you future job. As a matter of fact, many of us are still on the fantasy level about future jobs, for there is a great difference between the career aspiration and the real world of work. We often neglect the fact that every job has a share boredom about it. That's why you'd better think about pros and cons so as not to regret your decision to follow this or that career afterwards. Actually it's not a pleasant thing to stay all your life in a job you don't like. And certainly it's always nice to have a well-paid job and enjoy it.

Getting a job in today's competitive world is not easy. Most jobs require qualifications. So it's better to think about your future job while you are still at school.

Some of my classmates try to choose their future professions under the influence of their parents, whose advice they find helpful and valuable. In my opinion, the final choice should depend on what I am interested in. I want to enjoy my future job. I think I'll be motivated by work satisfaction rather than by profit or a good salary. That's why I work hard at school, staying late hours, sometimes burning my candle at both ends.

I can't say I have made up my mind what my future career will be. But I'm sure it will be connected with the English language. I have always realized the importance of foreign languages in the modern world. Firstly, it is essential for the development of international contacts in the sphere of political, social, business and cultural relations. Secondly, it offers good job opportunities and it enables you to find work almost anywhere in the world. I'm thinking of learning several foreign languages and making a practical use of them in my future job.

I think I would be able to become an English teacher as I'm fond of the English language and British culture. I think I'd like to share my knowledge with pupils. At the same time I think I wouldn't be patient enough to explain the same grammar rules to pupils and correct their mistakes. I don't like doing the same things over and over again.

I think I can find a job which involves a lot of travel, moving around, meeting lots of interesting people. I believe my future career will be connected with international tourism or journalism. At the same time I am aware of the disadvantages such jobs have. People who do these jobs often get fed up with travelling, living in the hotels and having little time to spend with their families. They have to work hard and stay late hours. Their jobs are often stressful and involve risks.

I don't know exactly what practical use I will make of foreign languages in future, but I'm definitely sure that after graduating from university I will become an educated person, useful for the progress of the society 1 live in.

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