The location and movement of the Earth in the universe.

1.What is called the Galaxy and the Galaxy in what is the population of the planet Earth?

2. You write a letter to the addressee who is in the galaxy "Andromeda" Formulate your address?

3. How long will it take to cross the Milky Way if the speed is equal to 3 x 105km / s?

Examine yourself questions:

Determination of the coordinates of the stars.

1.How determinate the time at the location of the stars?

2. What is the time?



Units of measurement scales:

The length of the arc on the equator at 1 ° = 111,196 km » 111,2 km

1 = 185326m » 1,853 km

1 "= 30.9 m

Given track angle is the angle made between the northern direction of the meridian taken as the reference point and the line of the given path. It is measured from the prime meridian northerly direction to the direction of the intended track in a clockwise direction from 0 to 360°.

Topic 1. Cartographic flight support.

Total - 18 hours. Lectures - 6 h, Practical work - 6 h, Independent work - 6 h

A study of the educational material of the subject, students will:


- Procedure for determining the latitude and longitude of a point on the map;

- Procedure for determining the distance and direction on maps.

- Classification of map projections;

- What is the main scale, particular scale.

Be able to:

- Determine the approximate and exact coordinates of points on the map.

- Identify a place on the map on the coordinates of the point.

- Identify the travel angles and distances between the given TM.


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