The surgical department is on the first floor of this hospital. This department houses 50 staffed beds. One can see patients with surgical diseases, such as appendicitis, ulcer of abdomen, tumor, carbuncle, phlegmon, etc. If an operation is necessary, the doctor insists on its being performed immediately. Operations are performed in a special operating theater (room).

There is a large operating theater in this department. Here one can see two operating tables, instrument tables, a few small cabinets for suture material, dressings and instruments.

Before the operation nurses prepare surgical instruments following the rules of aseptics. After sterilizing them they put instruments on a special table covering them with sterile material.

There are different instruments here. They are scalpels, syringes, surgical needles, scissors, wound clips, pincettes and a sterilizing drum.

Before the operation the surgeon and his assistants wash their hands according to the rules of surgery and put on sterilized gowns, caps and special masks on their faces.

The patient is put on an operating table and covered with a sterilized cloth. Then a doctor or an assistant begins to narcotize the patient. When the patient has fallen asleep, the surgeon disinfects the skin of the region to be operated on and begins to perform the operation. One assistant helps the surgeon during the operation. Other assistants listen to the heart, feel the pulse and look at the pupils. They use different ways of controlling the patient's condition. During the operation special devices are used for artificial respiration and blood circulation. The operation being over, the patient is moved to the ward.

After the operation the patient is provided with special care and attention. The surgeon prescribes him definite medicine and diet. Every day the surgeon examines patients, dresses their wounds and introduces fresh gauze drains into them. He listens to the patients' lungs and hearts, tests their abdomens and so on.

The surgeon prescribes patients proper treatment. Many patients are doing well. Soon they will leave the clinic and return home. Some patients are in bad condition. The doctors and nurses pay much attention to them.


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