Surgical Department

My name is Oleh. I am a student of the medical college. My father is a doctor. He works as a surgeon in the surgical department at a hospital. He works very hard. He is a good surgeon. His work begins at eight. When he comes to the hospital, he goes to his wards to examine his patients. He asks the ward nurse about postoperative conditions of his patients. The nurse sometimes tells him that the temperature of some postoperative patients is rather high and some of them have a swelling. But as a rule she says that there are no postoperative reactions. My father gives her necessary instructions. Then he goes to the operating room. During my practice I saw an operation in the operating room.

Before the operation my father and his assistants washed their arms and hands, dried them with a sterile towel, put on sterile gowns, masks, surgical caps and gloves. The nurse helped them to do it.

On the operating table there was a man who felt a severe abdominal pain. The surgeon diagnosed appendicitis. The patient was prepared for the operation. The assistant gave the patient anesthesia. The nurse gave a scalpel to the surgeon, the operation began. It lasted about an hour and was successful.

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