II. Identify what variation of the infinitive construction it is.

III. Identify the form of the Infinitive. Translate the sentences.

1. Israel was expected to retaliate against Hezbollah forces in areas controlled by Syrian troops.(W.P.)

2. srael is expected to quit Gaza after UN pressure. (M.T.)

3. Mr. Barak seemed to be a serious and competent man who could put an end to the conflicts that have determined Israel’s relations with its neighbors since the country was founded in 1948. (I.H.T.)

4. General agreement on the plan is believed to have been reached when Shimon Peres, the Israeli foreign minister, met a senior PLO official in Scandinavia on August 20.(G.)

5. The meeting was called partly to respond to rising anger among Arab citizens. Its results are bound to dissatisfy hard-liners, even as leaders tried to balance a strong moral stand with the Palestinians with a realistic appraisal of the tools in hand. (I.H.T.)

6. The Secretary General says that the situation in the Middle East continues to be potentially dangerous, and he considers the Disengagement Observer Force’s presence to be essential. (I.H.T.)

7. The Israeli cabinet is expected this evening to approve a plan for Palestinian self-rule in the Gaza strip and the West Bank town of Jericho. (G.)

8. Fortunately, Israeli and Palestinian human rights workers happened to be at the scene and intervened. (W.P.)

9. The new economic conditions were expected to contribute to Israeli security by giving the Palestinians new hope. (I.H.T.)

10. A large part of the analysis is likely to involve the US, which is increasingly concerned by the development of the two countries. (F.T.)

11. There were few reported clashes between Israelis and Palestinians at the usual flashpoints since the beginning of the uprising September 28,and the Palestinians appeared to be heeding a weekend call by their leader, Yassir Arafat, to refrain from firing on Israelis at areas under Palestinian control. (BBC)


THE INFINITIVE CONSTRUCTION ”THE COMPLEX OBJECT” (Сложное дополнение) 1.С глаголами желания tо want, to expect, to consider, to believe, to know, should (would) like. The Arab League has a message for the wider world: it wants the international community to do more to stop the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. (W.P.) Лига арабских государств заявила всему миру: она хочет, чтобы международное сообщество предпринимало больше усилий для того, чтобы прекратить конфликт между израильтянами и палестинцами.
2.C глаголами чувственного восприятия: to see, to hear, to watch, to observe, to notice, to feel и другими. Mr. D. felt force be imposed on the people of Afghanistan. (M.T.) Господин Д. чувствовал, что на народ Афганистана будет оказано силовое давление.
3.С глаголами, выражающими побуждeние совершить какое-либо действие: to make smb.do smth; to cause smb.to do; to get smb.to do smth; to let smb.do smth; to enable smb.to do smth; to allow smb.to do smth. The Palestinian leader got Israel to withdraw from Gaza, but the already –low standard of living of most Gazans has dropped about 25%. (I.H.T.) Палестинский лидер вынудил Израиль вывести свои войска из сектора Газа, а уже установившийся низкий уровень жизни снизился ещё на 25 процентов.

Exercise 11.

I. Find the infinitive construction “The Complex Object” in the sentences.

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