Windows XP

Windows XP is an operating system introduced in 2001 from Microsoft's Windows family of (application, concurrent, operating, built-in) systems. Microsoft called the (edition, release, interface, status) its most important product since Windows 95.

Along with a redesigned look and feel to the user (interface, application, services, background), the new operating system is built on the Windows 2000 (setting, network, kernel, software), giving the user a more stable and reliable (firewall, service, desktop, environment) than previous versions of Windows. Windows XP comes in two (ways, versions, statuses, release): Home and Professional. The Professional Edition of Windows XP has more (network, kernel, background, wireless) features than the Home Edition.

The most visual innovation is the revised Windows interface which can (handle, run, display, perform) window elements in high colour.

With the new introduced multi-user function, a user is now able to (log on, apply, offload, run) his applications in the background even if he signs off and another user is logging on to Windows.

Another system modification is the Security Center, which shows the status and (features, setting, modification, activity) of the firewall, (wireless, automatic, revised, previous) updates and one additional antivirus program.

The company has focused on mobility for both editions, including plug and play (settings, versions, kernel, features) for connecting to wireless networks. The operating system also utilizes the 802.11x (wireless, mobile, concurrent, general-purpose) security standard.


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