Exercise 6. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

The CPU a capacity for storing information.
Microprocessor b the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing.
Personal computer c computer instructions or data.
Memory d an auxiliary device, such as printer, modem, or storage system that works in conjunction with a computer.
Hardware e a peripheral device that is used to enter information into a computer.
Software f an integrated computer circuit that performs all the functions of a CPU.
Peripheral g information represented in a form suitable for processing by a computer.
Input device h electronic equipment used to transfer data out of the computer in the form of text, images, sounds, or other media.
Output device     i the physical element used in a computer system, such as the central processing unit, peripheral devices, and memory.
Mouse j a device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen.
Data k a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time.


Exercise 7. Mark the sentences: True/False/ No information.


1. Our life is impossible image without computers.

2. The first computers consumed as much power as a lot of modern PC.

3. Simple computers are small enough to fit into mobile devices, and mobile computers can be powered by small batteries.

4. There are personal financial assets, medical records and important documents in electronic format in a computer system.

5. Peripherals are the physical units attached to the computer.

6. Ports allow communication between computers and peripherals.

7. We keep data and programs in memory system where they are available for processing.

8. It’s too difficult to find embedded computers in our life.


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