Exercise 1.Преобразуйте предложения, содержащие модальные глаголы, в а) прошедшее время; б) будущее время.

1. Computers can replace people in dull routine work. 2. The program is a set of instructions that may also include data to be processed. 3. Computer-controlled robots must increase the productivity of industry. 4. They can help in making different decisions. 5. The pupils may work with computers at the lessons. 6. Electric pulses can move at the speed of light. 7. Storage devices must have capacities for the input, output data and programs and for intermediate results. 8. Business minicomputers can perform to 100 million operations per second. 9. In order to solve scientific problems researchers must deal with the language of science - mathematics. 10. Programmers must write application programs in a way that computers can understand.

Exercise 2.Translate the following sentences.

1. Computers are able to control power stations and docks. 2. Two entirely different things can be shown to have a likeness by mathematical equations. 3. At the beginning many people didn't believe that computers would be able to solve problems yet unsolved by man. 4. Instructions and data are to be fed through the input equipment to the memory. 5. The input also has to be converted the information into the pulse and non-pulse combinations understandable to the computer. 6. A computer is able to solve very complex numerical computations. 7. Sometimes a computer system breaks down, so things have to be done manually. 8. A multiuser OS needs to be used with most networks. 9. Data held in the immediate access memory can be accessed immediately. 10. Computer rooms have to be air-conditioned. 11. Peripheral devices may be input devices and output devices. 12. You need to consider what you should put into the system. 13. You must always consider all the options and then choose the best. 14. Optical character recognition software must be able to distinguish between an S and a 5. 15. Before the voice recognition system can be used you have to allow the computer to get use to your voice. 16. By saying “dictate to Word” you could let the computer know that it needs to load Word. 17. You can see that a real-time system must also be an on-line system. 18. To keep the keyboard working well, you should occasionally clean it.

Exercise 3.Подберите к глаголам в скобках соответствующие английские эквиваленты.

1.You (возможно) want to purchase an external modem so that you don’t (пришлось) to open up the system case and install it yourself. 2. You (можете) place the system unit on the floor, and your monitor and keyboard above on the desk. 3. You (должны) limit the amount of heat to which you subject the board and its components. 4. You (возможно) (потребуется) to open the system case and install a new card in one of your computer’s expansion slots. 5. If you think you’ll ever (нужно) to move your computer, you (следует) keep all boxes and packing material. 6. You (нужно) to make certain your speaker’s cables can reach the CPU. 7. You (можете) communicate with other computer users by sending them documents or messages. 8. Notebooks (могут) run on batteries. 9. The monitor (должен) have two cables. 10. Any of the drive types (могут) be external or internal. 11. When you purchase a complete system, it (должна) include a basic set of documentation. 12. You (следует) always use metal screws to install internal components.

Exercise 4.Определите подлежащее и сказуемое в данном предложении и переведите.

The main computer units communicate with each other by means of language.

Exercise 5.Translate the following sentences.

Система обработки данных освободила человека от выполнения сложных вычислений и других заданий, подверженных ошибкам.

Вся информация и данные могут быть сохранены в памяти компьютера и извлечены из нее при необходимости.

Введенные данные должны быть переданы сетью связи.

Вероятность ошибки сможет быть исключена при корректном вводе данных в систему обработки данных.

Системе обработки данных потребуется всего несколько секунд для ответа.

Все компьютерные системы становятся уязвимыми при вводе неверных данных.

Количество данных, которые необходимо сохранить на жестком диске, постоянно растет.

Как только данные корректно введены в компьютер, человеческое вмешательство ограничено.

Exercise 6.Read and translate the dialogue.

A: Hi, Robert. What’s up? Why are you so upset?

B: You know that my parents promised me to buy a new computer as a present for my birthday. And I wanted to have a notebook. But they say it is very expensive.

A: They are right. A notebook is always more expensive than a personal computer.

B: But it is more convenient. You can take it everywhere, it is smaller, lighter and …

A: Wait a moment, Robert. Of course, you are right. But listen to me. My brother works at a computer shop, he knows a lot about its different classes, types, almost everything. And he tells me that our so-called home personal computer is cheaper, more reliable and you can upgrade it whenever you want. And you will have a lot of problems if you want to choose or upgrade anything on your notebook.

B: I see. Could I ask your brother some questions? Maybe he helps me or my parents choose the appropriate computer.

A: Certainly. You can go to the shop or come to my place. My brother is able to give you a professional advice.

B: Thanks. I will come to you as soon as I tell my parents about this. I call you. Bye.

A: See you later.

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