Personal hygiene of patients

Personal hygiene of patients is important. Comfortable bed, clean bedding and create conditions for rapid recovery of patients and prevent complications. So the right care, personal hygiene, sanitary treatment of patients is important for the patient. The harder the disease in a patient, the more difficult for him to care. Therefore, the nurse should learn good technique and manipulation of all procedures for the care of patients and be able to strictly follow them. Personal hygiene and patient care of them include the following practical skills: a) arrangement of the bed patient, and b) providing the necessary patient position in bed, c) change of bed and underwear lying patient, d) observance of sanitary- epidemic mode when changing clothes, and e) skincare and hair in a reclining patient; e) placing vessels lying sick g) submission urinal lying patient; h) disinfection of the vessel and urinal, and h) pidmyvannya lying sick, and) a comprehensive prevention of pressure sores, and) oral care, eye, ears. As a sick man spends more time in bed, it is important that the bed was comfortable and the bedding clean, dry, smooth. Proper preparation of the bed and control over the state - is a comfortable position patient prevention of oprilostey, bedsores and other complications. When the nurse will comply with all rules and requirements of the above list, so help the patient maintain and perform personal hygiene. In the hospital must comply with sanitary and hygienic regime and carry out sanitary treatment of patients who enter the hospital: 1. Wash contaminated part of the body to perform a particular manipulation. 2. Wash soiled feet. In order MZ of Ukraine

If the doctor said that the patient should be hospitalized in a hospital in the changing rooms receiving department conduct sanitization, which includes the following procedures: a review body to detect infectious diseases scabies, trichophytosis, review of scalp and clothes of the patient to detect lice, if necessary - cut nails, hair, shaving of hygienic bathing, showering or sponging, depending on the patient, changing patient in a clean hospital gown. On examination the patient for the presence of lice, remember that lice - a heavy carriers of infectious diseases - typhus fever and turning, so in case of detection should immediately carry out disinfection. A man with hair on his head zavoshyvlenym mowed short. Machine after grooming disinfected in disassembled form, plunging 70% ethyl alcohol. Before the operation or in razor shave zavoshyvlenosti pubic hair and inguinal areas. The shaver disinfected 45 minutes, the desired solution rinse with water, dried. Space and objects, which faced the patient, treated by these same dezrozchynamy by hidropulta. Bathrobe, scarf, mask and clothing of the patient is in the bag and sent to dezkameru. To wash the patient give loofah and soap (sponge kypyatinnya 15 min.) Bath before a dip wash special. Sponge or brush and soap, rinse 0.5% solution of bleach or 2% solution of bleach and then rinse several times with hot water. Bath is filled to half so that the patient after immersion water reached his level of nipples. Initially the bath pour cold water, then hot, to avoid the accumulation of steam in the room after filling tub water move and measure the water temperature. The temperature of the bath should be 35-40oS. In debilitated patients accompanying bath. If the patient can not wash himself, wash his nurse and nurse. First, wash the head, then torso, arms and legs at last. Particular care should wash feet between finger folds, hairy areas. Length bath 20-25 minutes. While receiving the patient a bath to monitor the status of the patient. If a patient became ill help him get out of the bath, put on a couch with raised delicate tip cover sheet presented to the nasal swab of a patient ammonia, rubbed with wax and chest, head to put a towel soaked in cold water, call the doctor. The patient is better to wash in the shower, which is easily tolerated, with patients standing or sitting on a stool. If the tub and shower are contraindicated patient wipe with warm soapy water. Towel or sponge moistened and quickly wipe the body from the face, neck and limbs end. After sanitize patient wears a clean hospital clothes and slippers. The room admissions department cleaned at least twice a day and a wet method using dezrozchyniv (1% solution of chlorine bleach, 0.5% solution of bleach). Designated for bulleted and cleaning equipment (mop bucket, brush, rag) after using boiled Ave 15 min., Or soaked for 1 hour. % chlorine bleach solution in 0.5, a solution of bleach. Mop twice wipe dezrozchynom. On the receiving chambers of the patient transferred to a hospital department.

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