Summary. While the new Metro‑style digital media experiences in Windows 8 are almost purely consumption‑based


While the new Metro‑style digital media experiences in Windows 8 are almost purely consumption‑based, they nicely complement the already rich and mature digital media applications that Microsoft has included in Windows for years. Photos is a simple and attractive, and touch friendly, way to enjoy your photos, no matter where they’re stored. Xbox Music provides a device‑like interface for playing music online or off. And Xbox Video integrates nicely with Microsoft’s online marketplace, providing a handy way to access TV shows and movies, at home or on the go. It even lets you play videos through your Xbox 360, using the handy Xbox Companion app.

Together, these apps provide a decent set of basic consumption capabilities. But over time, Windows 8 will be improved both with updates to these apps and by new Metro‑style apps that provide additional digital media functionality. As with everything else in this pioneering new OS, what you get in the box, so to speak, is just the beginning.



Chapter 10

Xbox Games with Windows 8


In This Chapter

Understanding Windows 8’s new game‑related features

Finding and acquiring Metro‑style games for Windows 8

Learning about the features of Xbox LIVE

Understanding how Microsoft has integrated Xbox LIVE with Windows 8

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