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1. Now that our country is in a period of qualitative changes in its economy we are badly in need of highly qualified specialists of a new type who would combine a fundamental knowledge of the latest achievements of the scientific and technological revolution with a high professional level and practical training in the specific field of the national economy.

2. Specialists of a new type cannot be trained apart from modern production, science and technology. Machining is only one part of the overall production process. There are two more basic operations: design and administration. In the future all three of these operations will be done with the help of computers. Swift production automation, the introduction of microprocessors, robotics, flexible production are vital for country's economy and industry today. That's why a far greater emphasis is laid on training highly qualified specialists in electronics, automatic control systems, computer processing of information.

3. The present stage of the country's movement to a market economy, the promotion of entrepreneurship and small business places on the agenda the problems of training and improving the skills of not only engineers but the managerial personnel, managers and businessmen as well.

4. Today various new forms of international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and profitable business are being developed in the country's economy on the basis of direct ties of large and small enterprises, consortium agreements as well as functioning joint ventures.

5. Hence a good command of a foreign language and business English has been made absolutely binding on an up-to-date manager, businessman or engineer. That's why a lot of them attend classes in business English and commercial correspondence.



6. You've got an interview for a job - good! So now for the hard work! To do well at an interview you need to put in some thought first.

The employer wants to know if you are the person he wants, so you'll be asked about yourself. Think about it now:

What do I do well?

What are my good points?

Why would I like this job?

Spare-time interests? Hobbies?

Marital status?

What is family like?

What do I like doing and why?

What do I not like doing and why?

School activities?

School subjects?

Previous work? (Previous experience?) Saturday job?

You will want to ask questions too.

The job itself? Training? Prospects? Further education? Conditions?

Can I see where I would be working? Hours?

7. Write your questions down and take them with you. When applying by letter:

1. Remember that first impressions are important.

2. Write clearly and neatly on good notepaper, unlined if possible.

3. Check for spelling mistakes. Use a dictionary if you are not sure of a word.

4. Describe yourself, your qualifications and your experience clearly.

5. If the advertisement asks you to write for an application form you will not need to give detailed information in your letter.

6. Address the letter and the envelope clearly.


Words and Word Combinations

What are you? What's your profession? What are you by profession ? Кто Вы по профессии?
qualitative качественный
quantitative количественный
qualitative changes качественные изменения
science ['saɪəns] наука
technique [tek'ni:k] техника; технические приемы
need [ni:d] нужда, необходимость
to be badly in need of smth крайне нуждаться в ч-л.
to combine сочетать; комбинировать
knowledge знания; знание
lack of knowledge недостаток знаний
to train обучать; тренировать
a level уровень
machining механическая обработка
overall полный, всеобъемлющий
design проект, конструкция; дизайн
the latest design новейшая конструкция
swift [swift] быстрый
production automation автоматизация производства
flexible production гибкое производство
vital ['vaitl] насущный; жизненный
emphasis упор, ударение
a far greater emphasis is laid on... еще большее значение придаётся...
to process обрабатывать
a stage стадия, этап
a market рынок
to place on the agenda ставить на повестку дня
to improve улучшать
to worsen ухудшать; ухудшаться
hence отсюда
a good command of … хорошее владение чем-либо
to be binding on … быть обязательным для …


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