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1. When we want to buy some goods, we go to the shop where it is sold. Before going shopping we make a list of items that we require. We can go to a big department store which sells a variety of goods and has a large selection, to a supermarket or to one of the numerous small retail shops.

2. Ham, bacon, sugar, tea, coffee, salt, pepper and so on are sold at the grocer's. Bread is sold at the baker's, meat at the butcher's, vegetables at the greengrocer's, and fruit at the fruiterer's. We go to the confectioner's for cakes and sweets.

We buy clothes at the men's and boys' or ladies' and girls' outfitter's. When we want to buy boots and shoes we go to the boot and shoe shop. To buy silver and gold jewellery or gold watches we go to the jeweller's. We buy books at the bookseller's. People like to buy brand-new goods.

3. Supermarkets are very popular with shoppers because they sell not only food, but also ready-made clothes, hosiery (socks, stockings, tights), toys and other goods.

Wholesalers sell to the shops and stores, and the retailers sell to the customers who purchase or buy. Second-hand shops sell second-hand goods.

The shoppers may pay for something by cheque, in cash or buy it on "hire purchase". To do this, they pay a deposit and then weekly or monthly installments according to the terms.

4. Behind the counter, ready to serve you is the shopkeeper, or shop-assistant or salesman (salesgirl). They put your money in a cash register, give you a receipt and your change, and wrap up the article purchased. You may get some goods free (e.g. free samples of shampoo, etc.).

In some shops there are no salesmen or salesgirls, but only cashiers. The customers choose the goods they want and pay at the cashdesk. These shops are called selfservice shops.

But in selfservice shops there are sometimes people who do not pay for the things they have taken from the shelves. Security measures and electronic gadgets are installed to prevent and detect shop-lifting (stealing). Many stores install camera scanners, which are quite effective.

5. Many women prefer to shop in the market where goods are usually cheaper. The owners of the stalls or barrows do not have such large expenses as a shop owner. There we see people with carrier-bags, baskets, parcels, and as well as with the caddies.

6. People who cannot afford the things they want (e.g. haven't got money to be blown on something expensive), or who haven't enough money in the household budget, go window-shopping. Some people simply enjoy it and spend their spare time window-shopping. Sometimes, however, people have to dig into their pockets to buy the thing they like best.

7. When we buy something, we pay for it with money-banknote or coins. Cheques, bankers’ cards and credit cards are being used increasingly and it is possible to imagine a world where 'money' in the form of coins and paper currency will no longer be used. Even today, in the United States, many places – especially filling stations – will not accept cash at night for security reasons.


Words and Word Combinations

to shop делать покупки
to go window shopping разглядывать товары в витри­не
the grocer's бакалейный магазин
the greengrocer's овощной магазин
the fruiterer's магазин фруктов
the baker's булочная
the butcher's мясной магазин
the confectioner's кондитерский магазин
a selfservice shop магазин самообслуживания
hosiery чулочно-носочные изделия
socks носки
stockings чулки
the men's and boys' outfitters магазин мужской одежды
to serve обслуживать
to serve customers обслуживать покупателей
a department store универмаг
a stall киоск
a market рынок
a fair ярмарка
an exhibition выставка
sale продажа, сбыт; распродажа
wholesale оптовая торговля
retail розничная торговля
a buyer покупатель
a counter прилавок
to sell продавать
to pay cash платить наличными
to pay a deposit выплачивать депозит
an installment взнос при рассрочке
to purchase покупать
to hire purchase приобретение товара в рассрочку
a carrier-bag полиэтиленовый пакет, выдаваемый в магазине с покупкой
a caddy хозяйственная сумка на колёсиках
expensive дорогой
to prevent and detect shop-lifting (stealing) предотвращать и обнаруживать магазинные кражи
security measures меры безопасности
for security reasons по соображениям безопасности


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