II. Соответствуют ли данные утверждения содержанию текста. 1. Later Popov perfected the device demonstrated on April 25, 1895.

1. Later Popov perfected the device demonstrated on April 25, 1895.

2. The receiver was used at the electric power station in 1895.

3. Popov’s radio telegraph found practical application in the Navy (ВМФ).

4. A.S. Popov made reports about his invention at different scientific societies.

5. The tsarist government paid particular attention to training specialist for the new branch of engineering.

III. Есть ли в тексте ответы на поставленные вопросы? Если да, то укажите номер абзаца, в котором находится ответ.

1. Where did A.S. Popov demonstrate his invention?

2. What hope did he express demonstrating his device?

3. What was the device used for?

4. Who pretended to be the inventor of the radio?

5. When did Popov’s radio telegraph help to save the battleship?

6. Who acknowledged the fact of inventing wireless telegraphy?

7. What did Popov refuse to do?

8. Who realized the importance of this invention in Russia?

9. How did the government appreciate the contribution made by Popov?

10. What plant produced devices for wireless telegraphy in Russia?

IV. Ответьте письменно на вопросы к тексту.

1. What did Popov attach to his device after it had been successfully tested?

2. Why did Popov refuse to go abroad?

3. Who was the production of radio devices handed over to?

V. Переведите письменно 4 и 5 абзацы.

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