The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, which wasadopted on March 15, 1994, proclaimedBelarus an independent unitary democratic legal state. According to the Constitution, the head of the state is the President. The constitution establishes the principle of separation of power into legislative, executiveandjudiciary branches.

The legislative branch is representedby the parliament, the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, which comprises the 110-deputy House of Representatives (the lower house) and the 64-member Council of the Republic(the upper house) The House of Representatives has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and to make constitutional amendments and additions. The Council of the Republic has the power to select various governmental officials and to acceptorrejectthebills passed by the lower house.

The executive branch is represented by the government, the Council of Ministers, which is headed by the Prime Minister. The executive bodies are to realize the laws adopted by the parliament and provide their application to everyday life of the society as well as decide on foreignanddomestic policy.

The judiciary branch is to legally solve the conflicts and arguments occurring in the society. It is represented by the Supreme Court and specialized courts.

Belarus is a member of United Nations, Commonwealth of Independent States, Union State of Belarus and Russia, and other international organizations



The Republic of Belarus has a developed industry, agriculture, an advanced culture, science and technology. Industry holds an important position in the republic's economy. The leading industries are machine-building and metal-working, motor industry, chemical industry, electronics and electrical engineering, radio-engineering, pharmaceutical industry, production of construction materials, consumer goods and food, etc.

Belarus specializes in the production of different kinds of trucks, including coaches, agricultural machinery and special-purpose vehicles. The enterprises of the republic produce television equipment, elevators, home electric appliances, household refrigerators and freezers, automatic washing machines, chemical yarn and fiber, potash fertilizers. The range of products includes furniture, electric motors, paper, varnishesand paints. Different new sophisticated products, such as integrated microcircuits, liquid-crystal indicators and displays and special technological equipment are produced as well. The major products of light industry are textile, knitwear and clothes, as well as footwear.

The main directions of the farming industry of the republic are meat and milk production, potatoes and flax cultivation. Grains, vegetables, sugar beet and fodder crops are grown as well.

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