Exercise 4. Match the terms on the right with their definitions on the left.


OS which executes processes on several CPU simultaneously is called a multitasking
OS which enables a user to run more than one application at the same time is called b real-time
OS which gives a user an opportunity to exploit different parts of an application without delays is called c multiuser
OS which allows many people to have programs executed at the same time is called d multithreading
when OS is able to react to data or user calls immediately is called e multiprocessing

Exercise 5. Match the functions of OS on the right with their definitions on the left.

OS creates a process by loading a program code from the disk and allocating memory to it. a Program execution
OS handles the allocation and management of memory. b Memory management
OS is in charge of organizing data storage and handling the application program access to files stored on the disk. c File management
OS prevents unauthorized users from accessing the computer system. d Security
OS controls the functionality of all peripherals like a keyboard and printers. e Device management
OS constantly monitors the system for finding bugs and faults f Error detecting


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