Exercise 4.Выберите правильную глагольную форму.

We can make the computer do what we want ____(inputted, by inputting, to input) signals _____(turning, turned, without turning) switches on and off.

Computers have a means ____(by communicating, of communicating, communicated) with the user.

Computers work according to the instructions_____ (given, giving) to it by users.

Information____ (gives, given, is given) into the computer in the form of characters.

The basic function into the computer ____(is, were, will be) to process information.

The data _____ (needing, needed) for _____ (solved, solving) are ____ (keeped, kept, keeping) in the memory.

Inputting information into the computer is ______(realized, realizing) by means of the floppy-discs, discs and flash memory cards.

Exercise 5.Проанализируйте неличные формы глагола и правильно переведите предложения.

1. Data are processed in order to become useful information. 2. The term data processing includes the resources applied for processing of information. 3. Resources required for accomplishing the processing of data are called data processing system. 4. Processing is a series of operations converting inputs into outputs. 5. It houses all the computer equipment. 6. Information put into the computer for processing should be coded into ones and zeroes. 8. Processing is operations on data that includes converting them into useful information. 9. The first machines designed to manipulate data were widely used for business data processing. 10. System software is very dependable on the type of application software being used.

Exercise 6.Explain your group-mates the following words and word combinations in English:

Computer; difference between an analog computer and a digital computer; hardware, software, firmware, application software (or simply applications).

Exercise 7.Tell about hardware, software and firmware (10-15 sentences)

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