B) Parts of Speech

This type of replacement is also fairly common. Especially typical is the replacement of English nouns, derived from verbs and denoting actions ("Nomina Actionis") by Russian verbs:

It is our hope that... Мы надеемся, что...

...The abandonment by Irene of all the glittering things he had given her.... (J. Galsworthy, In Chancery) - Когда Ирэн оставила все безделушки, которые он ей подарил.

The same is also true of the so-called "Nomina Agentis", which in English are usually represented by nouns with the suffix - er. Russian either has no such nouns at all (e.g. corresponding to such English nouns as riser, packer, drinker, sleeper) or uses them to denote people of permanent occupation, as, say whereas in English the word writer may denote simply " a person who writes or has written something", as in "the writer of this note" - тот, кто написал эту записку. Compare:

Не is an early riser - Он рано встает.

John is a sound sleeper - Джон крепко спит.

I'm a very rapid packer - (J.Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye) - Я очень быстро укладываюсь.

She is a very good dancer (ib.) - Она очень хорошо танцует.

Fairly often, English adjectives are replaced by Russian nouns (in an oblique case or preceded by a preposition):

Australian prosperity - (экономическое) процветание Австралии.

youthful joblessness - безработица среди молодежи.

generational style of life- образ жизни, свойственный данному поколению.

(The above examples are very typical of the so-called "journalese")

English comparative forms of adjectives such as higher, lower, longer, shorter, better, etc. A frequently replaced by Russian nouns (derived from adjective stems which, in their turn are verbalized) повышение, понижение, увеличение, сокращение, улучшение etc.: "They demand higher wages and better living conditions" - Они требуют повышения заработной платы и улучшения жизненных условий.

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