To pass the protection phase of a trial, the dog must earn a minimum of eighty points out of 100. The dog’s numerical score is based on its total performance throughout the protection phase and assigned a rating on the following scale:


96 to 100 points Excellent (Vorzüglich)

90 to 95 points Very Good (Sehr Gut)

80 to 89 points Good (Gut)

0 to 79 points Insufficient (Ungenügend )


The judge also evaluates the dog’s courage and fighting instincts and marks them down in the animal’s scorebook as one of the following:


Pronounced (P), or in German Ausgeprägt (A)

Sufficient (S), or in German Vorhanden (VH)

Insufficient (I), or in German Nicht Genügend (NG)


Only a dog that displays pronounced courage and fighting instincts, a hard and full‑mouthed bite on the sleeve and “clean” outs can receive full points in the protection phase. Dogs that are not under their handler’s control, that do not out or that refuse to bite at any point during the protection exercises cannot pass the trial.

After the judge has critiqued the dog’s performance in protection and announced its score, he will also add the dog’s tracking and obedience scores to the protection score in order to obtain the animal’s point total for the day. This point total is assigned a rating on the following scale:


286 to 300 points Excellent (Vorzüglich)

270 to 285 points Very Good (Sehr Gut)

240 to 269 points Good (Gut)

220 to 239 points Satisfactory (Befriedigend)

110 to 219 points Faulty (Mangelhaft)

0 to 109 points Insufficient (Ungenügend)


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