The USA is a great centre of culture. Its largest cities have many concert halls, exhibition halls and theatres. The most important sources of entertainment in America are television, movies and recorded music. Millions of Americans watch videotaped movies at home. Americans enjoy sport. They engage in sports themselves and also watch their favourite sports teams at the stadiums and at home on TV. Among the most popular sports are baseball, football, basketball and hockey, as well as golf and tennis.

Americans like to travel. Many families regularly go on weekend car trips, as well as on longer summer trips. Traveling by air is also popular. In winter many people like to spend their holidays in places with a warm climate, like Florida and the islands of the Caribbean.


Speak about:

1 Immigration, race and ethnic groups (Indians, Afro-Americans, Mexicans). Urbanization, the crisis of the largest cities. The notion of the “melting pot”.

2 US Culture: official and non-official holidays, traditions and customs.

3 Schools of painting, the development of sculpture.

4 Music, opera and ballet. Drama, theatre, cinema.

5 Contribution of Black Americans to US musical traditions – jazz, gospels, spirituals.

6 US Mass Media. USIA (United States Information Agencies).

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