Facilities of production and needs of society.

To produce the amount of tangible and intangible goods necessary for society, one should spend a great deal of different resources (natural, human, financial etc.), that are called economic resources.

The necessity of people to have definite gods and services are called needs. Needs are variable, they can also be classified according different criteria:

- needs in means of existence – goods, satisfying human bare necessities (food, clothes, dwellings etc.);

- needs in social and cultural means of life – education, leisure etc.;

- needs in means of activity – objects for production of goods and services;

- needs in satisfaction of social-prestigious goods – tourist services, luxuries.

An increase and a constant change of needs (their structure, quality and quantity) is observed alongside the development of society. During every ten years the quantities of types of goods and services enlargers more than twice at a simultaneous increase of the quantity of consumption of goods. Needs are increasing in quantitative and even more in qualitative respect. This is expressed in the law of the increase of needs.

The increase of needs and their change provoke a stimulus to the production of goods aimed at satisfaction of human needs.

- Economic interestis a deliberate necessity of the participants of market relationships, a moving force of their actions in the sphere of production and distribution of goods and services.

- Bearers of economic interests –individuals and legal entities.

e) Conflicts of interests can appear in different forms. The reasons of such conflicts are different level of the forces of production, system of economic relations, differences in the forms of property, social and economic heterogeneity of different forms of labor, breakage of objective economic laws, voluntarism etc.

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