SOFTWARE. Software is a collection of organized computer (data, processes, binary values) and instructions that enables a computer to (calculate

Software is a collection of organized computer (data, processes, binary values) and instructions that enables a computer to (calculate, compute, perform) a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system (devices, hardware, applications).

The fundamental difference between hardware and software is that the first is tangible while the second is not. Hardware is the (apparatus, machine, equipment) itself and does all of the physical work. Hardware only understands the two basic concepts, on and off, which are (represented, indicated, executed) as 1s and 0s in (high-level, binary, assembly) language. Software (acts, carries out, installs) as the translator between human languages and binary, which makes it possible for the hardware components to understand the instructions and to (perform, interact, serve) with each other. This makes it possible for computers to adapt to new tasks or to (install, download, purchase) new hardware.

There are two main types of computer software: system and application.

(Application, Programming, System) software is the (set, list, suite) of programs designed to coordinate various parts of the computer system and control the activities and functions of the hardware and various programs throughout the computer system. System software serves as the (interface, sequence, firmware) between the hardware, application programs and the user. The main types of system software are operating systems, and drivers.

(System, Application, Programming) software is a defined subclass of computer software that (causes, renders, employs) the capabilities of a computer directly to a specific task that the user wishes to perform.

There are many different types of application software. (According, However, Unlike) to their size there are:

1) a single program: image (display, drive, viewer), media (players, drivers, editor), games, etc.;

2) a software package, multiple software programs that performs similar functions and are bundled and sold together: spreadsheet, word (tool, processor, browser);

3) a software (suite, malware, source code), a group of programs that are sold as a package to (run, solve, refer) common problems: Microsoft Office.


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