Ex.4. Listen to the course description, fill in the gaps and title the text.

circuits, Certificate, ohm, electricity, AC, amp, voltage, knowledge, three, DC, conductivity, currents, insulators, measurements, capacitance, magnetism, resistance, conductors.



This course is required for all maintenance technicians and mechanics. It covers the fundamentals and basic laws of (1)…. The course also focuses on proper safety techniques for mechanical and electrical jobs. It is a prerequisite for the Basic Electricity II course. The course is divided into (2)… main sections:

Section 1. We cover basic electrical theory and terminology. Students learn about (3)… and the laws of (4)… and (5)… , as well as the basics of (6)… and circuitries.

Section 2. This section addresses (7)… Students learn the basics about (8) …, (9)….., and electric (10)… Students also get an introduction to (11)… and (12)…. during the section.

Section 3. The final section discusses measurements of electricity. Students learn terminology and uses for measurements such as (13)…, (14…), and (15). Students are expected to understand the difference between the various (16)….

The end of this section focuses on applying this knowledge to the workplace environment. We also focus on providing safety tips, regulations, and emergency actions suitable for the workplace.

Students are required to demonstrate their (17)… in a practical exam completion of the course. A (18)… of Completion is awarded, which is a requirement for many positions.


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