II. Запишите номер абзаца, в котором вы найдете ответ на вопрос. What helped Edison shape his life?

What helped Edison shape his life?

III. Расположите данные пункты плана в последовательности, соответствующей содержанию текста.

1. Thomas Alva Edison belongs to the world’s great contributors to industrial development.

2. The need to earn money did not prevent him from self-educating.

3. Reading and inquisitive mind helped Edison to educate himself.

4. Still in his twenties Edison earned enough money to form his own “factory of invention”.

5. One of the books became his handbook for making experiments.

VI. Есть ли в тексте ответы на вопросы? Запишите “да” или “нет”.

1. Why did Edison go to school for only three months?

2. Who is the author of the book that taught him to experiment?

3. Where did Edison make experiments when he worked as a sales boy on a train?

4. What invention did he earn $40,000 for?

5. How did the American government appreciate Edison’s contribution to the progress of mankind?

V. Переведите письменно 2, 3 и 4 абзацы.




Вариант A

Для выполнения данной контрольной работы рекомендуется найти по словарю значения заданных слов и словосочетаний, постараться их запомнить, а затем перейти к выполнению контрольной работы.

filament, device, to solve, to invent, engineering, to create, lighting, to turn into, advantage, to devote to, to consist of, to serve, instead of, hard, numerous, to satisfy, to perfect, to increase, to support, to consider, to exist, tungsten, to introduce, still, by means of, service, to resign, doubt, close, to achieve, to connect.


I. Выберите русское словосочетание, соответствующее данному английскому.

1. metal filament lamp a) металлическая нить накала лампы b) лампа с металлической нитью накала
2. laboratory device a) лабораторный прибор b) лаборатория приборов
3. technical problems solving a) технические проблемы решения b) решение технических проблем
4. a means of electric lighting a) средство электрического освещения b) посредством электрического освещения

II.Из данных слов выберите то, которое закончит предложение.

5. To make a suitable lamp … was an extremely difficult thing.

a) problem b) filament c) tungsten

6. All newspapers published articles discussing the great ….

a) invention b) engineering c) service

7. Incandescent lamps of older types had carbon filaments … in different ways.

a) considered b) introduced c) produced

8. These facts are connected with the history of electrical ….

a) advantage b) engineering c) application

9. Lodygin was very young when he … his flying machine.

a) designed b) resigned c) increased

III. Из предложенных слов выберите то, которое наиболее близко передает значение подчеркнутого.

10. A.N. Lodygin is a well-known Russian scientist and inventor.

a) talented b) famous c) great

11. The source of light invented by the Russian scientist won world-wide recognition.

a) created b) studied c) demonstrated

12. Lodygin constructed a lamp which could burn for two hours.

a) perfected b) laid c) made

13. In 1872 Lodygin constructed a number of incandescent lamps.

a) several b) lots of c) many

14. Lodygin spent all money he had in his numerous experiments.

a) a few b) many c) few

IV. Подберите к началу предложения из колонки А окончание предложения в колонке В. Полученные предложения переведите.

15. Lodygin laid the foundation a use tungsten for filaments.
16. The incandescent lamp is the source b used for lamp filaments.
17. Lodygin was the first to c for producing modern lamps.
18. Edison solved the problem d of the electric light.
19. Tungsten is now mostly e of cheap electric lighting.

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