Pregnancy is a period of excitement, expectancy and a bit of fear and nervousness for the future mother. It should be an exciting experience, and for that, love and consideration of the family as well as knowledge of what changes are taking place in the body and what to expect, is important.




The first 3 months of pregnancy are important because during this period the baby's organs, like brain, heart, kidneys, limbs, eyes and ears are being formed. Avoid any medicine during this period. Some medicines can be harmful to the growing baby and so no medicines, particularly pills for sickness, headaches and anxiety should be taken without the advice of the doctor.

The normal time the baby is in the mother's womb is about 40 weeks — 9 months and 1 week, but a few days earlier or later is within the range of normality. A baby who is born earlier than his time is called premature.


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