NCD Display

For an ILS NCD condition, the CDS displays the localizer and glideslope scales and removes the deviation bar and glideslope pointer.

Fail Display

For invalid ILS data, the CDS replaces the localizer scale and deviation indicator with the amber LOC flag when the localizer receiver fails. The amber G/S flag replaces the glideslope scale and pointer when the glideslope receiver fails.






When you push the test switch, the MMR does a check of the internal operation and its interface with other airplane systems. The test takes approximately 36 seconds. This is the test sequence that shows on the LED status indicators during the test:

· 0 to 2 seconds - the LRU STATUS, the CONTROL FAIL, and the ANT FAIL LEDs come on red

· 2 to 4 seconds - the LRU STATUS LED is green and theCONTROL FAIL LED is red

· 4 to 6 seconds - all LEDs go off

· 6 to 36 seconds - test status shows.


The LRU STATUS segment shows red when there is an internal failure in the MMR. Green shows that the MMR is operating normally.

The CONTROL FAIL segment shows red when an interface to the MMR has a failure. Green shows that all the interfaces to the MMR are normal.

NOTE: The ANT FAIL LED is not used at this time.



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